Monday, November 5, 2012

What does "for infoLithium battery only"

Do you ever get this message "for info Lithium battery only" while trying to power on
your digital camera? If you have this problem, then read this post.Info Lithium is actually combination of two words.
Information and Lithium.A lithium battery with information inside the battery itself is called Info lithium battery.
A microchip is planted inside the battery with some per-defined data and this date is cross checked by the camera system processor to determine it's remaining charging level, time duration for operation with the battery so that user can estimate how long the battery will continue to work without failure.
If by any cause this chip gets damage or its data corrupt, then camera can't read all this information and display this massage. You can try with another battery to confirm where from the problem coming.If the problem is from battery then trying with another one will fix it.After trying anotherbattery problem is not solved them it's your camera fault and need to be repaired at product brand service center.

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