Monday, November 5, 2012

memory stick error C:13:01 blinking

I am writing this post for memory stick error C:13:01
This error is basically related to memory stick.I hope below information
will help you to fix this problem if you already have this error with your
sony digital camera.
The root cause may be one of the below listed reason-

1.The internal memory has experienced a media error.Required measure to correct
   this, "Turn the set power off and on again".

2.The internal memory has experienced a format error.Required measure to correct
   this,"Format the internal memory."

3.“Memory Stick Duo” is unformatted. Required measure to correct   this ,
   format the “Memory Stick Duo”.

4.“Memory Stick Duo” is broken.Required measure to correct   this ,
   replace a new “Memory Stick Duo”.

5.“Memory Stick Duo” type error Required measure to correct   this ,
   insert a supported “Memory Stick Duo”.

6.The camera cannot read or write data on the “Memory Stick Duo”.Required measure
  to correct   this, turn the power off and on again, or taking out and inserting the
  “Memory Stick Duo” several times.

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