Monday, November 5, 2012

Turn the power off and on again

It's really having great fun for capturing images with digital camera.You are on  a holiday tour
with your family and don"t want to miss any  moment you spent on.Suddenly your digital
camera stops to work and get a display "Turn the power off and on again".All sony sybershot
camera display this message if there is a problem with lens section.Root cause of this —

►During power on cycle,lens mechanism resets and move outward.If lens get any
   external obstruction on it's path of moving outward,it can't position to pre-defined
   place and an error signal is detected by camera system and further movement is stopped
   with a error display  "Turn the power off and on again".
   You can fix this problem trying to place the lens in proper position.For that you need to
   have a close observation  on the lens movement during power on periods.Do as I say—
   Keep the camera in "camera mode" by selecting mode switch.Now switch on and
   keep a close eye on the lens opening.After lens completes the full opening,it tries to
   move backward slightly and in this position very small forward and backward continue to
   start to find proper placement.Now you hold lens very softly,help it to forward when lens
   tries to forward or backward when tries to backward.As soon as camenra find proper position
   it will stop movement and remove your hand.Now your digital camera is ready to take capture.
   For Sony T-series camera lens is placed inside the casing and you can't hold it.So it will
   not work for T-series.
►No external obstruction during outward movement and still error message is coming,
   then you need to replace   it's lens unit.It is a very skill related task and you need to  approach
   a nearby service center.
   I will provide a video of it very soon.

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