Monday, November 5, 2012

Sony Car Audio Reset Problem

You are having entertainment by listening songs from your sony stereo system
and want to change the album disc by ejecting already playing one.You tried to
load a new disc to your stereo and found a problem of not getting loaded to the
system mechanism.After trying for some time you get a message "reset"in front
display and you have no choice but stop your car stereo.
This problem occurs from cd loading tray switches.
Two push-type switches are used to detect cd loading and eject.Indise the sw
metallic contact is formed during push in and out.As carbon forms in between
this contact,proper contact is failed and system found some error and shows
"reset" error message.If you going to repair it to fix the problem,I hope
this information will help you not to be cheated by asking you a high repair cost.
Actual part for this problem is only 2 push switches that cost only Rs.14/- per unit.

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